Work*Life Training Modules

Orientation and Positioning

KickStart: Skills assessment and team-building workshop 

Team bonding, information sharing and orientation of participants towards learning programmes or projects to follow. A management report is provided with individual assessments on each participant.

BusinessVision 1: Introduction to economics  

Understanding basic macro- and micro economic structures, the flow of money, markets, trading, supply and demand, the free market system and the part each individual plays in the bigger picture of economics.

BusinessVision 2: Introduction to business planning  

Business planning, mitigating risk, insuring feasibility and setting realistic goals.

Work Skills

WriteEasy: Basic business writing

Basic principles of formulating business messages, using different formats and creating document templates for practical use. 

MarketMe1: Marketing training 

Focused marketing training for entrepreneurs or NGO’s, covering basic principles, strategic insight and practical application.

MarketMe 2: Writing a marketing plan 

After completing the previous module, participants can attend this workshop for practical assistance and the opportunity to write a marketing plan.

MarketMe 3: Marketing tools

After completing the two previous modules, this creative workshop is aimed at compiling marketing tools, such as promotional copy, marketing presentations, sales material and press releases.

MarketMe 4: Promotion and PR skills

Promotion and PR strategy development including social media, press exposure, public relations and client services.

SellSellSell: Practical sales training

Personal selling and setting up a sales process is the key focus of this module. The workshop includes the delivery of practical marketing presentations, sales role-playing and enacting networking skills.

Costing&Pricing: Overview on cost calculation and pricing systems

This module is focused on proving the viability of enterprises by teaching entrepreneurs simple methods to calculate costs and set realistic prices.

CountMe!: Financial literacy and basic bookkeeping

Understanding money management and record keeping, as well as learning how to save and have a healthy relationship with money.

ServicePlease: Client service skills

Understanding that service is the competitive edge of a business, learning service provision principles and skills. Practical service skills are presented and tested.

Life Skills

SpeakEasy: Public speaking and communication skills 

Understanding the value of communication, relationship dynamics, body language and presentation. Practical public speaking and organisational representation skills are presented and tested.

LifeMapping: A 360-degree view of life and how to find balance

Understanding the various categories that make up a balanced life. Learners complete a practical life map tool, and perspective is gained on their future life “picture”.

JobReady: Professional behaviour and fitting into a work team

Focused on professional behaviour, this module explores “employability” and highlights professionalism, fitting into a team and self-preservation.

LeadForward: Leadership, morality and social justice 

Understanding leadership, morality and social justice in terms of responsibilities and freedoms, and exploring individual values against generally accepted principles.

TakeCharge: Decision making and assertiveness

Learning how to make quality decisions based on fact analysis, personal goals and value systems. Implementing personal boundaries, communicating hard decisions and preserving relationships.

CultureClub: Exploring prejudices and ethnocentric behaviour

Understanding South Africa's spectrum of cultural norms, values, prejudices and stereotypes. Skills for intercultural communication and managing diversity.

TimeNow: Time management and productivity principles

Establishing the value of time in business, learning how to manage time and gaining perspective that time management is essential for success. 

ChooseUp: Self-discipline as a driver for success

A focused understanding of self-discipline, understanding that self-management is key to progress and practical steps to grow and develop self- discipline.